Char Dham Yatra Registration For 2019

Chardham of Uttarakhand

The gates for the Char Dham shrines are ready to open from 8th May 2019 in Gangotri and Yamunotri and on 10th May 2019 in Kedarnath and Badrinath. The gates of these shrines will shut down on 9th November 2019 for Yamunotri and Kedarnath, 20th November for Badrinath and 8th November for Gangotri Dham. As per the traditions the temple gates open up during the holy eve of Akshaya Tritiya, Maha Shivratri and Basant Panchami.

It is mandatory for very pilgrim going on Char Dham Yatra to get the Char Dham registration done.

If you are planning on making this holy trip then here is the registration procedure that will provide you with all the necessary Char Dham Yatra details:

Offline Registration Procedure

First of all, the toll-free number to the registration of Cham Yatra is – 1800-180-4145

If you are thinking about going on your holy Char Dham Yatra pilgrimage then you should know that there are almost 14 different registration centres and more than 50 counters that cater to your registration requirement.

The pass which you will be registering for is known as the – Char Dham Yatra card or Yatra pass or just simply registration card. This card will allow you to have a hassle free journey throughout the Yatra.

Online Registration Procedure

Pilgrims can easily emit all the hassles that one goes through while attempting to get the registration done offline. You can ditch the long queues and get your registration done easily online. You will only be requiring your current Email ID, mobile number, any valid ID proof (like Aadhaar card, PAN number, driver’s license, voter ID etc). To complete and confirm the registration procedure you will be required to pay a minimal fee of just Rs.50/-.

Tap on this link and get registered within minutes.   

Step by Step Information on Registration Procedure

1st Step – Fill up the given form accurately

2nd Step – Once all the details have been filled in, you will be required to log in to your email address and go through the inbox for and verification link which will be immediately sent to you.

3rd Step – You will be required to click on the given link to activate it. You will then be asked to log in once again and enter your password.

4th Step – A new window named ‘important instructions’ will open up where you will be required to go straight to the bottom link and click on the ‘book Darshans’ option.

5th Step – You will be directed to a new booking window where you will be required to fill up some more details including the number of pilgrims, visiting destinations, dates of your Yatra etc.

6th Step – Once you have filled out all the details you will be directed to a confirmation tab where you will have to recheck every detail and see if you have filled out everything correctly. Finally you will be clicking ‘confirm tab’ to confirm your registration.

7th Step – If there are any co passengers going along with you then you will also be required to fill out their individual details and click on the ‘proceed’ button.

8th Step – This is the final stage of registration where you will be directed towards the payment window from where you will be choosing your mode of payment for a fees of merely Rs. 50/-.

9th Step – You will be provided with an online registration slip which can be used to acquire the Char Dham registration card from one of the several counters available which are meant for this very purpose.

After all of these steps are followed thoroughly you will be successfully registered for Char Dham Yatra of 2019.

Why You Should Register for Char Dham Yatra

  • The biometric registration of every pilgrim is extremely important and a mandatory procedure which has to be followed by every pilgrim. This feature enables the government to keep an exact track of every pilgrim on their Yatra and allows them to keep a strict check on the flow of tourists to these sacred shrines. The lack of pilgrim monitoring system opens doors for unexpected incidents.
  • Apart from keeping track the pilgrims will be able to enjoy some special benefits by utilizing this biometric card. Some of these facilities include services for food and accommodation which can be availed easily by using this biometric pass.

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