Janki Chatti to Yamunotri Trek Details


Janki Chatti to Yamunotri Trek Details

The temple of Yamunotri perched at an elevation of 3291 meters above the sea level receives thousands of pilgrims from across the country and globe. T

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The temple of Yamunotri perched at an elevation of 3291 meters above the sea level receives thousands of pilgrims from across the country and globe. This is the first of the Chardhams in the Chota Chardham circuit and is an abode of Goddess Yamuna. One of the holy rivers of the country, River Yamuna has originated from this very point.  Pilgrims who wish to get rid of the fear of painful death make sure to visit Yamunotri and take a dip in the holy river; Yamuna

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The temple enshrines a beautiful black marble idol of the goddess highly revered among the pilgrimage circuit. If you have plans to embark on Yamunotri Yatra, then you must know that after driving for a certain distance, you need to trek to the shrine. Janki chatty is the base camp for the Kedarnath Yatra trek. The previous stop is Hanuman chatty. One can travel from Hanuman chatty to Janki chatty by means of shared cab. From Janki chatty, you have to trek 6.5kms to reach Yamunotri shrine and the route runs via Phool Chatti. Trekking the trails to Yamunotri shrine isn’t easy. The route is rugged and weather is unpredictable. Taking into consideration, the Yamunotri weather guide prior to travel is of utmost necessity. During the Yatra season, the trails bustle with thousands of devout pilgrims who embark on a pilgrimage to Yamunotri.

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The trekking trail that runs from Janki chatty to Yamunotri is more than 2meters in width and is very clearly marked. The trekking trail passes through dense forest belts, cuts across many rivulets and is accompanied by a panorama of magnificent mountains.

The facilities available on the trail include benches for sitting, drinking water points, tiny sheds at every 500 meters interval. During the winter months; i.e. the Yatra off season, the entire trail is covered with many layers of snow and everything goes under the snow.

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The trail runs along the right of the flowing Yamuna River and is a mountainside hugging trail made out of concrete. 1km after the trail has started; you’ll find a GMVN rest house that falls to one’s left side. After 1 & ½ km, all signs of town disappears and what you have is just a trail before you, steep enough. The route to Yamunotri shrine consists in 3 temples. The first one is Ram temple that stands at the point where the town comes to an end. The temple falls to one’s right hand side. As you reach midway of the trail, your eyes will meet a steel bridge that runs over one of the tributaries of River Yamuna. 300meters ahead of the steel bridge, the route bifurcates into two directions. The path that falls to one’s left hand side is an alternate trek route that joins main route post final switchback. The main trekking route comes with 3 major switchbacks. The first of the switchbacks comes just after the steel bridge, the second just before the Bhairav temple and the third one, the steepest of all, just before the Yamunotri shrine.