What makes Ahmedabad a Beautiful City to Visit?

Are you planning to visit Gujarat, but have no clue which city would be the better option to start with? If that is your concern, then I would recommend you to visit Ahmedabad which is popular in Gujarat for the monuments and variety of shopping centers that it offers. Besides, it is one of the budget-friendly cities that you can […]

Top 6 Offbeat Experiences in Gujarat

The westernmost state of India, Gujarat is not only home to some of the most iconic temples and religious places of worship but it is also a Pandora box for explorers and off-beat experiences seekers. From the forests of Sasan Gir to the peaceful islands of Diu and the landmark of Gujarat, a statue of unity, there is so much […]

Top 10 Tour Operators in Gujarat

Gujarat is home of the great Rann of Kutch, world’s tallest statue – Statue of Unity, Asiatic lions, Dwarkadhish temple, Harappan site of Dholavira and so much more. Apart from the significant historical and tourist destinations the culture and tradition of Gujarat is very unique and distinct from the rest of India. This is reflected in their food, fairs, festivals […]

Navratri Festival in Gujarat

The name of this colorful Gujarati festival literally translates into 9 nights. Celebrated as a part of one of the major religious festivals in India the state of Gujarat especially erupts into a colorful vibrancy which douses the entire state. People dress up in their traditional dance attire and indulge in playing Garba to traditional Gujaratis music and dance to […]

Popular Shopping Places in Gujarat

Gujarat is the land of one of the most diverse states in India and is famed for its picturesque beauty and scenic landmarks. Booming with prosperity and incredible tourist attractions Gujarat is home to some of the most fascinating shopping centres in India. Some of the main productions here include peanuts, sugarcane, cotton and milk products however if you are […]

Places to Visit in Dwarka

Believed to be one of the most ancient and sacred place in India, Dwarka is one of the most pious places for anybody seeking spirituality. It is also home to a number of other interesting features like beaches and wildlife sanctuaries which will appeal to all types of travellers. It is also home to the famous all India Chardham portal […]

Top 10 Most Famous Beaches in Gujarat

Gujarat, one of the largest states in India is a very popular tourist destination in India. This westernmost state of India has much more to offer you rather than its historical landmarks and the lip-smacking cuisines. One can find many super panoramic golden beaches in Gujarat which one must visit. If you are on a long trip to Gujarat then […]

List of Scheduled Tribes in Gujarat

Gujarat is home to almost 5 million tribal communities who have made the undulating slopes of Aravalis their residence. The coastal and the westernmost state of Gujarat is a glorious representation of its colorful past and incredibly vibrant culture. This place is known for its well preserved ethnic tribal culture that makes it different than the rest of India. Each […]

Rann Utsav – The White Kutch Desert

About Rann Utsav The winter months lasting from November to February the undisturbed, stark white desert of Kutch is turned into the festival ground for an eclectic showcase of the authentic Gujarati culture. This carnival is attended by travelers, vacationers and groups of friends and families who are presented with a Pandora box of various different activities, local dance and […]

Wildlife Tourism in Gujarat

Popular for its pilgrimage relevance and ancient holy sites, Gujarat is also extremely well known for its magnificent collection of flora and fauna. The entire Gujarati landscape is lined with spectacular beaches along with other unique and interesting features which serves as the home to a variety of birds, animals and plants. From the gleaming white salt deserts of Rann […]