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Planning a holiday is no easy matter, especially when appealing destinations like London and Geneva are presented before you with equal prospect. Both cities are beautiful and have their own charms – it comes down to individual preference when making a choice. London exhibits a charm-added beauty through Thames, while Geneva flaunts its beautiful Lake Geneva with a breathtaking view of The Alps. While the former exudes innate dynamism, the latter has a more “removed yet busy” air about it. Both cities have a different character that you would love to discover. If you have plans for only one, this article will help you decide. Whether you book flights to London or get Geneva airfare deals, your holiday will certainly be fun.

Why Book Flights To London?

Why Book Flights To London
London is a city that can give you the experience of a multifaceted holiday. In fact, only a few people know that this is the most visited city in the world! While London characterizes deeply and historically with its gothic buildings and damp, cold weather – popularized vastly by famous works of literature like Sherlock Holmes – it also has a warm, homely side to it in its dining and art scene. Here are a few places you can start at:

The Westminster Abbey:

This magnificent place of worship, founded in 960 AD, is the finest standing example of gothic architecture. If you have a keen eye at differentiation, you will notice traces of other architecture styles mixed in here as well. Westminster Abbey still functions as a church, and many persons of royal importance have been laid to rest here.

Shakespeare’s Globe:

The Elizabethan playhouse associated with Shakespeare, known as Globe Theater, is housed inside the Shakespeare’s Globe. The outer globe was made to resemble the original as far as possible to preserve its signature. Visit to watch many art exhibitions, plays, and other events hosted here that depict London’s art and culture.

Tate Modern:

There is nothing that comes close to Tate Modern when you talk about London’s creativity. Revamping an old power station with a creative twist resulted in a stunning gallery that is Tate Modern. The sheer scale of this building with surprise you, and even more so its collection of artwork that is free to the masses – and the big-name revolving exhibits that charge a fee.

Book flights to London today to experience all this firsthand.

Why Grab Geneva Airfare Deals?

Geneva spells beautiful even by its own name. No city in Switzerland can be boring – especially Geneva, that sits on the banks of Lake Geneva, protected by the Alps that stand sentinel towards the North. The city is a commercial hub of Switzerland, always mistaken for the Swiss capital (which it is not) and its beauty is incomparable. All the important high-flying organizations of the world are headquartered here (WHO, WTO, World Bank, UN, you name it) for a reason. If Geneva airfare deals come to you, don’t miss them. Book cheap flights to Geneva today. Here is a gist of what you sign up for with cheap flights to Geneva:

Conservatoire ET Jardin Botanique:

Geneva’s very own botanical park is by no means behind the city’s natural beauty and bounty. You will discover more than 12,000 species of exotic flora being conserved here – you will see these species thriving. They are arranged by theme – tropical, alpine and whatnot. Of special mention is their jaw-dropping collection of roses.

Jet d’Eau:

Don’t be intimidated by the complicated name; this water fountain is perhaps more animated than any lights-and-sound fountain show you have seen. Shooting 140 meters in the air, this fountain sometimes creates rainbows with the sunlight! You will be surprised to know this jet tosses 7 tons of water in the air when at its peak!

CERN: You must visit the European Organization for Nuclear Research when in Geneva. CERN has the world’s largest machine – the Hadron Collider – which is the center of many experiments here. Some interesting permanent exhibits are open for the public. Book 15 days ahead and bring a photo ID proof along for entry.

London and Geneva both are alluring cities – it is not time to make your choice! Book your cheap flights to London or Geneva soon.


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