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Traditional Folk Dance of Haryana

Home to one of the richest cultural heritage of India, Haryana is like a portal to the past. From its lifestyle to language and the folk entertainment

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Home to one of the richest cultural heritage of India, Haryana is like a portal to the past. From its lifestyle to language and the folk entertainment culture, every aspect of Haryana is steeped in a sense of historical charm. When it comes to traditions, the folk dance forms of Haryana are deeply rooted in its past and are preserved by being passed on from generation to generation. The folk dance forms of Haryana are energetic and extremely vibrant. Here are the different folk dance forms from the ethnically rich state of Haryana.

List of the 10 Traditional Folk Dances of Haryana

1. Phag Dance

Phag Dance
Communities in Haryana are largely dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Throughout the year the farmers are busy working on farms and have no time to spend time or celebrate as they want to. However, Phag Dance is performed during their much-needed leisurely time. The dance is performed by both men as well as women after having sowed the land, during their wait time for harvest. They do the dance to celebrate the upcoming harvest season in order to make the agriculture gods happy. The dance is packed with radiant energy that can be felt by the audience as well. The performers make sure to wear their best, colourful and vibrant clothing to mark the happy times that lay ahead.

2. Saang Dance

Saang Dance
Saang or Swaang means initiation and is a very popular dance-drama form of theatre performance. Hugely popular in the Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh, the Dance is an interesting and engaging combination of theatrics and mimicry that is accompanied by song and dialogue. Unlike other popular folk dances of India, the Saang Dance is primarily focussed on dialogues over movements. The central focus of these stories are religious and folk tales enacted by a group of 10-12 people in an open theatre. Swang has been performed since a very long time and it has achieved the ranks for being one of the most ancient theatre forms of India.

3. Chhathi Dance

Chhathi Dance
There is a dance dedicated to every occasion in India, from birth to harvest. The Chhathi Dance is one such interesting dance performance that is done to celebrate and welcome a new born baby in the family. This ritualistic dance is not just done in Haryana but in every part India. However, there is one condition prior to the dance performance, it is performed only to mark the birth of a male child. As a part of the tradition this dance is done during the 6th day after the birth of the child by the local women of the area. At the end of the dance celebrations, boiled wheat and Chana are distributed to all the audience present during the performance.

4. Khoria Dance

Khoria Dance
Khoria Dance in Haryana has to be one of the most vibrant, colourful and elaborate dance performances that is exclusively performed just by the women folk of Haryana. This ethnic and energetic dance has its roots in the central Haryana region of the state. The dance is primarily connected to the daily chores and everyday affairs of the local Haryanvi folks. They do this dance during special occasions, festivals and harvest season. For this dance, the women performers wear their traditional clothing items consisting of Flowy Skirts embroidered in fine, golden thread-work, brightly colored veiled Dupatta and adorn themselves in traditional, rustic jewellery. The dance movements involve twirling that makes the skirt flare which eventually increases in pace and rhythm.

5. Dhamal Dance

Dhamal Dance
Performed by the Ahir community of Haryana the origin of this dance can be traced back to the Mahabharat ages. The Ahirs are known for being the traditionally non-elite pastoralists in India where most members use the surname Yadav and are spread all over the country. It is one of the unique dances in India which is performed primarily by the men folk of the region. The dance is accompanied with energetic moves done on the beats of the Dhamaal instrument. People perform this dance whenever the crop is ready for a harvest where the male dancers form a semicircle and bow their heads down occasionally. This is a gesture to mark respects and take blessings of lord Ganesh, goddess Bhavnani and the holy trinity of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh.

6. Daph Dance

Daph Dance
A majority of dance forms in Haryana are dedicated to mark and celebrate the different phases and cycles of agriculture. The Daph Dance is a seasonal dance which is done when the crop is ready to be harvested. It can be equated to the seasonal Phag dance that is also performed in Haryana when the crop is ready to be harvested. The main purpose of the dance is to thank the lord for blessing the community with a good harvest. The sight of a good bunch of crops swaying gleefully in the wind makes the local farmers break out into a celebratory dance performance to express their gratitude and happiness.

7. Ghoomar Dance

Ghoomar Dance
Ghumar has recently become an incredibly famous Rajasthani folk dance form thanks to the movie and other media. Ghumar Dance is not only famous in Rajasthan but is also hugely popular in Haryana as well. Performed largely by the Bhil tribe population as a way of worshipping goddess Saraswati and it eventually gathered immense popularity in different parts of the subcontinent as well. Chiefly performed by the local women folk of the region, wearing a veiled Ghagra and moving in and out of a circle while pirouetting in complete sync. Married women are expected to perform this dance while they are being welcomed into their marital home. Other than that, Ghoomar is also regularly performed on various special occasions such as weddings, festivals and other religious events.

8. Jhumar Dance

Jhumar Dance
Named after an ornament called Jhumar, this dance of Haryana ranks among one of the most popular dance forms in the region. This is a traditional folk dance that is primarily performed by young married Haryanvi girls who whirl and twirl to the beats of the accompanying musical instruments such as Thali and Dholak. The dancers stay true to the traditions and dress up in colourful and super vibrant clothing complete with authentic traditional, Haryanvi Jewellery. In some parts of the state this dance is also known as the Haryanvi Gidda.

9. Gugga Dance

Gugga Dance
The Gugga dance of Haryana is extremely distinct to the region and it is unlike any other religious folk dance of India. Passed on and well preserved from generation after generation this religious dance is named after saint Gugga who is a major religious figure in Haryana and is worshipped throughout the region. This is not just a traditional dance; it is a way for the Hindus and the Muslim communities to celebrate together by forgetting about their superficial divide. A group of worshippers take part in the dance with the 5 bhagats being the main dancers. Every dancer carries their own musical instrument like Thali, Chimta Deru etc. and successfully creates a musically charged, energetic environment.

10. Loor Dance

Loor Dance
Loor dance is performed only by the Girls population of the state especially during the months of Phalguna or the spring season. The Loor Dance name is inspired from the girls in the Bangar region of the state and it occupies a special centre stage during the Holi Dance performance. The dance is a marker of welcoming the pleasant spring season after the harsh winter months. With it, the dance also signifies the sowing of the Rabi crops in the farm lands. The songs accompanying the dance are in a conversational form of question and answer format. Girls participating in this dance make sure to wear the brightest and the most vibrantly colored traditional clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which Is The Religious Dance Form Of Haryana?

Ans. The Gugga Dance is a major religious dance form of Haryana.

Q. What Is Famous In Haryana?

Ans. Haryana is famous for its rich history, interesting places to visit and its culture.

Q. What Are Some Things Famous In Haryana?

Ans. Famous things in Haryana are – Clay Pots, Juttis, Zari Work Textiles, Handloom Items, Brassware, Phulkari etc.

Q. What Is The Traditional Dress Of Haryana?

Ans. Daaman, Kurti and Chandar are the traditional Haryanvi clothing.

Q. Which Is The Main Festival Celebrated In Haryana?

Ans. Lohri is the main festival that is celebrated in Haryana.