Tips for a Safe Pilgrimage on the Hills

Pilgrimages in India are a deeply spiritual experience. Pilgrimages form a very tight fabric for Hindu culture. Ever since the ancient ages, people from all walks of life have been visiting the hills in search of calmness, peace of mind, and also to feel closer to nature. Pilgrimages in India are established all over the subcontinent and have helped in […]

Top 10 Most Famous Beaches of India

India is a unique land of several different types of magnificent landscapes. Particularly the beach of India is extremely popular for its sheer unparalleled beauty and the tranquility which it offers. With fine, silky sand and the rhythmic sound of the turquoise blue waters shimmering in daylight is one of the most pleasing places to be. India is gifted with […]

Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

A wedding is inevitably a very delicate affair. The process of following an endless number of tasks and rituals is just mind-boggling and super exciting. From selecting the perfect wedding photographer to picking up the right attire and the perfect venue for this special day, everything needs to be just perfect and on point. While these plans end right after […]

Seven Things You Must Remember Before Your First Trek to the Mountains

The first-ever trek is special. The excitement to scale every inch of the trail and squeezing the maximum out of mountains is probably the highest. Most often, the very first trek of your life helps you establish a connection with the mountains. This connect would decide how far your trek-journey will go in future. While a proper trekking guide to […]

Planning a Holiday? Take Your Pick with Cheap Flights between London and Geneva

Planning a holiday is no easy matter, especially when appealing destinations like London and Geneva are presented before you with equal prospect. Both cities are beautiful and have their own charms – it comes down to individual preference when making a choice. London exhibits a charm-added beauty through Thames, while Geneva flaunts its beautiful Lake Geneva with a breathtaking view […]