Top 10 Highest Himalaya Mountains Peaks in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is the land of mystical mountains along with being one of the top pilgrimage destinations in the subcontinent. This state wears the Himalaya as its pristine crown which attracts visitors from far and wide to witness its grandeur. There are several hill stations situated in Uttarakhand which serve as the summer retreat for the travelers of the nearby state […]

Tourist Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

Popularly dubbed as the heart of India (due to its location), Madhya Pradesh is a grand 10th century state. It is studded with innumerable Hindu and Jain sites of worship, age-old intricately designed forts and palaces which represents the golden age of art and architecture. Holiday Packages to Madhya Pradesh will ensure the fact that you visit some of the […]